About Martin Banks

Martin Banks was born in Bellshill, Scotland and studied Drawing and Painting at the Glasgow School of Art from 1980-1984. ​He worked as a teacher for 12 years before moving to Germany where he now lives and works. His work plays with the idea of structure and movement and is informed by a variety of visual references  including the woven fabric of cloth, towns seen from above , cells and other biological organisms. He likes the idea of a living moving structure and I tries to give that quality to his work.

He says of his work; "My goal is to have the paintings look as natural and complete as possible, as if it is organic. My method is to hold a dialogue with the painting and I react and make changes to the work throughout the painting process. I sometimes feel the painting is giving me hints and clues as to what I need to do next. I like the visceral quality of the paint itself and work and re-work the painted surface using brushes and pallet knives until I achieve the right effect. This results in a thick, sticky, built-up surface with a three dimensional effect."

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